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White box test design techniques (Part 3)

Loop Testing Loops considered as one of the important control structures in any programming language. As we have seen in the previous blog post, loops make path testing difficult by increasing the number of possible paths in programs. For example, If a program routine has one loop, each iteration through that loop reveals a new… Read More »

Use Case Testing with example

We discussed a couple of black box test design techniques such as BVA, equivalence partitioning etc in the previous blog posts. Today lets focus on another widely used test design technique known as Use Case Testing. Before going into the test design details, it is good to have an understanding on use case itself. What is… Read More »

Decision table testing with example

In the previous blog post, we learned about two important test case design techniques such as Equivalence partitioning, and Boundary value analysis. These techniques are mainly used to test individual input conditions. However, decision table testing allows us to examine combinations of conditions. Decision table testing is a black box design technique in which test cases… Read More »

Boundary Value Analysis

Testers employ boundary value analysis (a type of black box test design technique) in order to test the boundary conditions in a program. Let’s look into an example where we need to use the BVA technique. Example: Consider an input field which accepts integer values between 10 and 20 (inclusive). As per the example specification,… Read More »

Equivalence partitioning

Equivalence partitioning: Equivalence partitioning is a basic black box test case design technique. In the previous blog post, we discussed about various test design techniques. Today let’s concentrate on equivalence partitioning. Basics of Equivalence partitioning: It divides the input domain of a program into classes.The input domain can be anything which may influence the outcome of the… Read More »

Test Case Design Techniques

Test Case design techniques are one of the important topics in Software testing. Why the test case design techniques are so important? One of the factors that influence the cost of testing is the number of test cases. The more the number of test cases, the longer it will take to execute and analyse these tests.… Read More »