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Extract, Transform and Load or ETL Process

Extract, Transform and Load or ETL refers to a process in Data warehousing in which data is extracted from multiple source systems, transformed into the proper format and finally loading to the target database. Let’s briefly look into each step of the ETL process.   Extraction Extraction is considered as the first part of the ETL… Read More »

Fact table types with examples

A fact table in a data warehouse contains business facts (or measures). These measures serve as the core of dimensional model and can be summed/ mathematically manipulated. The measures can be categorized as Additive Semi-additive Non additive Additive measures: These are the most flexible and useful facts Measures can be summed across any of the… Read More »

Introduction to ETL /Data warehouse Testing

Today let me introduce one of the much sought after skills in the testing industry. It’s ETL(Extract, Transform & Load) /Data warehouse testing. I will be writing a series of posts which will give you an overall idea about the overall ETLtest process. Before getting deep into the testing process, let’s understand the basic terminologies. What is a… Read More »